Newsletter: March 2018

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Reporting: Alpha Status!

Many things had to be done besides game development, which were necessary but uninteresting to talk about (German legal paperwork)!

But finally, we have some great news, in fact we are back with a big bang!

In the past weeks we implemented the second faction: “The Abyssal Legion”! We can also announce that they will be fully playable in the Alpha.

Speaking about the Alpha we can answer the most anticipated question:

Q: When does the Alpha finally start?

A: The Alpha will start in April 2018 (on Steam)!

We will also close the Alpha-Sign-Up later this month, so be sure to tell your friends to participate if they haven’t already!

If you haven't already sign up for free now:

Spotlight: “The Abyssal Legion”:

The Abyssal Legion comes with new spells, units and a unique town hall: The graveyard. The gameplay and playstyle will probably change during the Alpha test. Right now, we are very pleased with how these undead turned out and are eagerly awaiting your feedback!

Every faction in the Hellfire Fortress should feel and play unique. With that in mind we introduced a new mechanic for the Abyssal Legion: structures! The first structure for the undead is the Tombstone. Unlike defending units, structures are built behind your army and there can only be 4 at a time. Just like regular defenders they can be sold/replaced for a small fee during every construction phase! Once built, the Tombstone will spawn a lot of skeletons over time.

Turn up the heat: new combat phase visuals:

Furthermore, we improved the visuals of the Hellfire Fortress with new and intuitive features. The entire map is now burning during the demonic onslaught, making it very clear when you can cast combat spells and hire mercenaries to attack! But take a look at the difference yourself:

Next Steps

  • Steam Page
  • Alpha Trailer
  • Start sending Alpha Keys

Of course there are more improvements and the development of the game continues rapidly and we are really looking forward to finally present The Hellfire Fortress to you!
Frank and Marcel