Newsletter: January 2018

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Happy New Year!!


And what a great year 2017 has been! From our first real multiplayer showcase to over 3000 people signing up for the alpha version! We want to thank everyone and give a brief recap what has happened!

Magnology: Showcase Multiplayer:

In June 2017 we had the chance to showcase our new multiplayer map “The Hellfire Fortress”. Sponsored by Acer and Razer we had 5 gaming stations running the entire weekend! The feedback was amazing and we had a lot of fun seeing other people passionately playing our game!

The Hellfire Fortress: Map redesign:

With all the great feedback and testing we redesigned the Hellfire Fortress to fit the experience we wanted to create! A fast paced player versus player strategy game that is easy to get into! If you have missed these changes you can find them in our news section here!

Alpha: Announced early 2018

The last and long planed step for 2017 was announcing the steam alpha version starting early 2018! As we opened the registrations we received an overwhelmingly amount of sign ups and interest in the game! We polished the alpha client and improved various usability interactions to make sure even new players can dive right into the Hellfire Fortress without much explanation required!

If you haven't already sign up for free now:

Multiplayer: Change of the Networksystem:

This is a big one that happened in December that we didn’t actually planed on. But after we found some connectivity bugs we checked the entire network system and decided to change it! With the new changes we can support way more people and provide far better connection stability! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Next Steps

  • Alpha Page & Forum
  • Waiting for Steam approval

We wish you a happy new year,

Frank and Marcel