Newsletter: December

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Over 1500 Alpha sign-ups already!

In the first 24 hours we received over 500 sign-ups from around the world!

Thanks a lot for all your support and interest in Gold & Lumber – Hellfire Fortress, it means a lot to us!

More information about the Alpha will be provided to the participants very soon.

Updated: About the Game Section

Now that the game is almost ready for alpha testing we update the game description on our homepage HERE!

Enjoy! Feedback is gladly appreciated, and if you like it be sure to tell your friends about the alpha as well (We still have open slots!)

New Names, Tooltips and UI improvements:

Alpha client almost done! We added many more tooltips, along with further UI improvements. For clarification we renamed the attackers and the lumber resource to mercenaries and Hellfire Shards (no gameplay change)! This will greatly increase the experience for newer players and opens design space for new mercenaries in the future!

Next Steps

  • Alpha Page & Forum
  • Steam preparations
  • Final Alpha polish

We wish you a happy December,

Frank and Marcel